Zhejiang International Studies University

Youth in the Dawn (Photos)

Editor's note:

In early spring, the foot of Xiaohe Hill is filled with sound of reading, which is a true portrayal of good study style of all ZISU “dream chasers”. These “early birds” stick to morning reading all the year around, regardless of the weather. Look, these “early birds” include those who is holding umbrella, who is carrying bag, who is wearing headset, who is holding script and who is standing in rain and fog, they are either reading aloud alone or improving each other by active discussion within a group …… They inspire all ZISU “dream chasers”, and enlighten ZISU campus in early spring.



They read in the dawn and harvest in the dawn. It is reported that Office of Teaching Affairs has calculated the passing rate of CET4&CET6 among ZISU students in recent years. It is shown that the passing rate, excellent rate and average score of ZISU students is increasing steadily year by year, especially among the last two years, the passing rate of CET4 is always kept above 80 percent. The public account “daxuezhushou” of Webchat have calculated the CET4&CET6 scores of more than 2 million students from 2591 universities and obtained an average score ranking, on which ZISU ranked NO.46 nationwide and NO.3 in Zhejiang Province.


Photo by Chen Jingxian, Lou Cen and Yu Zhujing