Zhejiang International Studies University

Sino-New Zealand Sustainable Development Education Forum Held in ZISU

The China-New Zealand Sustainable Development Education Forum was held at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum and on September 25th. The forum was co-organized by ZISU and social forces such as Green Zhejiang, Hangzhou TV Station, and Zhejiang Global Village Environmental Protection Co LTD.
30 principles from China and New Zealand gathered with more than 120 parents and children to compare distinctions between environmental education in the two countries. They made in-depth discussion on system design, school characteristics, implementation and other aspects of environmental education. Li Tianqiong, the producer of Hangzhou TV, hosted the Forum.


Dr. He Weiqiang from Teacher Training Institute of ZISU delivered a keynote speech on the forum. He elaborated the meaning of sustainable development education from three aspects including human and himself, human and nature, human and society.
Dr. He mainly introduced the educational assistance for the Midwest from ZISU, the environmental education project cooperated with Germany Hanns Seidel Foundation, the "Internet+Rural Public Education Program" to be implemented with E-powers Fund of Alibaba Business School, and the jointly application with Green Zhejiang for “Regional Centre for Sustainable Development Education” to the UN.
It is reported that the running commentary of the Forum will be broadcasted recently at Qian Tang Forum on General Channel Hangzhou TV station.

                            (English Press Corps   Gu Jiawen Zhu Yuhan  Jiang Xiaoqi)