Zhejiang International Studies University

Public Art Education Department Founded


According to the spirit and requirement of  Several Opinions about Advancing the Art Education Development issued by Ministry of Education, ZISU held the founding conference of the public art education department on December 26th. Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Fa attended the conference along with vice President Zhao Qingrong, as well as the directors and teachers’ representatives fromother units.


Zhao Fa advised that public art education department set up andperfect the curriculum system with ZISU’s characteristics, so as to make the courses more research-oriented.He remarked that the school would support and highly value the development ofpublic art education, providing it with comprehensive protection.


 Zhao Qingrong mentioned that the function of art education is supposed to be manifested in the cultivation approach of public art education, valuing experience as well as combining art education with other majors. Besides, the accumulation is supposed to be stressed and the quality should be ensured in the process of educating.


 The chief from School of Art introduced the background of the founding of public art education department, and highlighted the significance of public art education. He indicated that efforts would be made to construct public art education and make it a specialty of ZISU.


 All the participants exchanged their opinions thoroughly  and passionately.

(English Press Corps  Zhang Xuyin  Song Weizhi)