Zhejiang International Studies University

ZISU Students Won the First Prize in the “Challenge Cup” of Extra-curricular Academic Works of Colle

The final of 13th “Challenge Cup” of Extra-curricular Academic Works of College Students of Zhejiang Province was held in Ningbo City on May 24 to 26, sponsored by the Provincial Youth League Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, and the Students’ Association of Zhejiang Province. Professor Fa ZHAO, vice secretary of the school party committee, visited the students in competition and gave them enlightening instructions. Through fierce competition, the first prize was awarded to the works of Study of the Development Prospect and Countermeasures of Private Bookstores in College Students under the Background of Network Based on a Survey of 13 Private Bookstores and 19 Institutions of Higher Education by the student academic team of our school, which was composed of Menglin XIA, Shengnan WANG, Jiali YAO, Beiti WU, and Di GAO from College of Chinese Language and Literature and Jun WANG from College of International Business Administration and directed by professor Renbao ZGU, associate professor Zhenhua MAO, and professor Xinsheng MA. It is the best achievement ever made in this contest. And it is also the first time for our school to win the first prize in the “Challenge Cup” of Zhejiang Province.

“Challenge Cup” of Extra-curricular Academic Works of College Students has long been known as “the Olympics” of the Chinese college students' extra-curricular academic works. It is said that 1063 pieces of works by 60,000 students were competing in this competition, which was the one with the largest number of participating schools, contestants, and works.

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