Zhejiang International Studies University

President of Washburn University,America,Visited ZISU

On May 27, Jerry Farley, president of WashburnUniversity in the United States, accompanied by Baili ZHANG, director of the same university, visited ZISU. Gang HONG, president of ZISU, had an interview with the party of Farley. During the interview, president HONG expressed his thanks to them for their acceptance of 30 students of ZISU as exchange students in the past four years plus since the signing of the agreement, gave a brief introduction to the development of ZISU in recent years and the objectives related to international exchanges and cooperation, exchanged views with the visiting guests on the enrichment of student exchange programs and the promotion of teacher exchanges on the basis of the relationship between the two universities.

President Farley expressed his congratulations on the achievements our university has made since the school restructuring, and showed his will of deepening cooperation with ZISU and providing more exchange and cooperation opportunities for teachers and students of our university.

Farley’s party also visited Xiaoheshan Campus and communicated with those student representatives who had studied as exchange students in Washburn University and those who would study there.


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