Zhejiang International Studies University

The 2013 Award Presentation Evening Named “Example for Youth” held in ZISU

The 2013 Award Presentation Evening entitled “Example for Youth” was held in the student auditorium, Xiaoheshan Campus, to set an example for the youth and show the elegant demeanor of the youth. More than 1000 people attended this party, including Chengrong YAO, secretary of the school party committed, Gang HONG, president, vice secretary of the school party committee, Yuncheng Jin and Renqing CAO, vice presidents, Jiansheng ZHANG, member of the school party committee and director of Organization Department, directors of Propaganda Department, Student Support Services, Administration Office of Xiaoheshan Campus, the Youth League Committee and all the colleges, student counselors, and the awarded teachers and students.


The party featured the four themes of “fairness and squareness, ambition and perseverance, erudition and integrity, understanding and consideration”. School leaders and those in charge of departments and colleges presented awards to those students winning National Scholarship, National Motivational Scholarship, Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Overseas Students, Western Australia-China Chamber of Commerce Motivational Scholarship and Ruida Scholarship, those winning the titles of Provincial Outstanding Youth League Committee, Provincial Grass-roots Youth League Organization of Vitality and Provincial Civilized Dormitory, and those winning the first prize in the Provincial Challenge Cup, the first and second prizes in the Provincial College Students’ Art Festival, and the outstanding contribution award for the Provincial Community Culture Festival.

During the party, the award-winning representatives shared their experiences on campus with the teachers and students present, and encouraged other students to make full use the time on campus to make their own study and life rich and colorful.

Wonderful performances were staged by students from College of European and Asian Languages and Literatures, College of Art, College for International Education, school English speech team and school drama society.

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