Zhejiang International Studies University

Cooperation Agreement Signed Officially between ZISU and Chihuahua Autonomous University, Mexico

President Gang HONG had an interview with the delegation headed by Alejandro Chavez Guerrero, director of teaching affairs, Chihuahua Autonomous University,Mexico, and the two parties formally signed an inter-school cooperation agreement on the morning of December 2.


Gang HONG said that the signing of a cooperation agreement marked the opening of a new chapter of the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, and ZISU was willing to cooperate with Chihuahua Autonomous University to seek common interests and needs, tap resources on both sides, and carry out programs favored by teachers and students, thus contributing to the common development of both schools and even the deepening of education exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Chavez said that Chihuahua Autonomous University, akin to ZISU in terms of historical development, hoped to intensify bilateral exchange and cooperation in the cultivation of students, mutual visiting, and scientific research. On behalf of president of Chihuahua Autonomous University, Chavez expressed a sincere invitation to a delegation headed by Gang HONG for a visit to his university.

 Chavez’s party also visited Xiaoheshan, and carried on discussion with students majoring in Chinese international education, accompanied by heads of College of Chinese Language and Literature.


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