Zhejiang International Studies University

Planned Enrollment of 1,800 Freshmen from 8 Provinces Nationwide

A conference on the enrollment of 2013 was held on 30th, May, during which the Plan for the Publicity of the Enrollment in 2013 was discussed and passed, the working group responsible for the publicity of enrollment was established, and the details concerning the publicity and counseling of enrollment were settled on. 

This year, the planned enrollment of ZISU is 1800 freshmen, consisting of 1528 from Zhejiang Province and 272 from other provinces (including Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shanxi, and Gansu), 1500 undergraduates and 300 vocational students, 1560 sciences and arts students and 240 art students, 498 normal students and 1302 non-normal students.    

To meet the demands of examinees, expand their choice of specialties and autonomy of development, ZISU intensified the reform of enrollment based on the reality of admission by enhancing the following four steps.

On the one hand, ZISU enlarged the undergraduate enrollment out of the consideration of the demands of examinees and its own development. The enrollment plan shows inclination toward the hot majors chased by examinees, the majors in great need in society, and the majors characteristic of the development of our school.

On the other hand, more specialties featuring ZISU are offered to enroll undergraduates. This year four specialties for undergraduates are added to the program, including Italian, Portuguese, Translation and International Business. As a result, there are up to 20 undergraduate specialties offered in ZISU, encompassing 9 specialties of foreign languages (English, Japanese, Business English, French, Spanish, Arabian, Italian, Portuguese and Translation) and 7 foreign languages.  

In addition, the examinees admitted are assigned to majors according to the principle of “giving priority to scores and following examinees’ desires”, without the imposition of requirements of differential scores, additional professional tests, and gender.

Last but not least, different requirements for scores of English are set for different majors. Those who want to major in English, Business English, and Translation have to score no less than 120, and those who desire to study as art majors have to get no less than 65 points.


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