Zhejiang International Studies University

Party in Honor of 2013 freshmen Held in ZISU


A party themed “Dream Setting Sail” was held in honor of the 2013 freshmen in the students’ auditorium, Xiaoheshan Campus on September 26th. School leaders including Chengrong YAO, Gang HONG, Fa ZHAO, Bowei LUO, Yuncheng JIN, Yali ZHENG, Aihua LU, Qingrong ZHAO, and Songlie XU, together with more than 900 freshmen watched the performance.

An exciting percussion ensemble named Drum Dancing commenced the party, throughout which there were rich and colorful performances and   climactic and enjoyable atmosphere. The wonderful performances included the solo by one of provincial top ten singers, a street dance, Attitude Desires, a chorus, Missing Comrade-in-arms, and a Shaoxing opera, Butterfly Lovers which showcased the achievements of art construction in our school, an opera, Travel around the World, and an English drama, I am a Superstar which feature the campus culture, and also a poetry, Young China, in honor of the School Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The school wushu team, having won many international and national honors, staged an even more excellent martial arts performance, which pushed the party atmosphere to a climax.


Military training instructors sang a wonderful song of Men Be Striving to Improve for the freshmen, of whom those from College of Science and Technology, not wanting to be outdone, compiled, directed and played a campus drama, Battlefield for the Youth, looking forward to a wonderful university life. Moreover, a group of special freshmen, those foreign teachers and students who had just come to our university, played You and Me in a special way, interacting with the freshmen present.


The party drew to a close with the song of Where Is the Road by Feizhou HE, director of the party.

At the end of the performance, school leaders got onto the stage to greet the staff of the party and communicated amicably with freshmen in the staff. Heads of colleges and the relevant functional departments and students’ counselors viewed the performance.

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