Zhejiang International Studies University

Opening of the 2nd Session of "China-Mexico" Cultural Week


On April 17, the opening ceremony of the 2nd session of "China-Mexico" Cultural Week, also the second session of Euro-Asian Language and Culture Festival was held in Xiaoheshan Campus, ZISU.Those invited to attend the ceremony included Hong Gong, president of ZISU,Gabriel Terrés, Consul General of Mexico Consulate General in Shanghai, and ShuPeidong, director of Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Department of Education.

HongGong said that ZISU and Mexican Autonomous University of Chihuahua shared various interests and promising prospects in terms of the cultivation of international talents and the research in Sino-Latin American relations. In the course of just over a year, the two universities have sent exchange students to each other, thus promoting the mutual relationship from acquaintances to bosom friends. The sharing of resources and academic strength between the two sides will definitely contribute to a win-win cooperation. Meanwhile, Hong points out that ZISU will explore new ways of intercollegiate cooperation, so that teachers and students of ZISU can benefit in their teaching and learning.

Gabriel Terrés, consul general of Consulate General of Mexico in Shanghai, said that Mexico had been attaching great importance to the exchanges with China in various areas, and he expressed the hope of strengthening cultural exchanges and cooperation between young students of the twosides. 

The opening ceremony witnessed a book donation ceremony and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, which marked the prelude to a new round of friendly exchanges betweent he two sides. In addition, Mexican and Chinese students performed excellent performances, which aroused rounds of cheers and applauds.

The second session of the "China-Mexico" Cultural Week was sponsored andorganized by School of International Eurasian with the substantial support of School of Euro-Asian Language and Culture. Throughout the cultural week, such excellent shows as showcasing various exotic languages themed "Globe-trotting" and dubbing contests in a variety of languages themed “Showing my voice” will be staged during the second session of the Euro-Asian Language and Culture Festival.

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