Zhejiang International Studies University

Love Me, Love My Dorm

The Closing Ceremony of the Fourth College Students’ Dormitory Cultural Festival 

The Closing Ceremony of the Fourth College Students’ Dormitory Cultural Festival, held by the School Student Apartment Self-discipline Committee, came to an end at Students’ Center on May 22nd,with the theme of “Love me, Love My Dorm.” Vice President Zhao Qingrong attended this closing ceremony and awarded winners. The Students’ Affairs Division, the Administration Office and the school committee in Xiaoheshan, and other related people of all faculties were present at this closing ceremony as well.


At the closing ceremony, students of the same dorms performed various programs, demonstrating their harmonious dormitorylife, their talents and positive outlook. The students of the European and Asian Language and Culture Faculty performed a psychological drama, while students of the Educational Science Faculty sang some award-winning songs from the dorm song competition. Besides, International students from Italy performed Italian pantomime, telling their special life in the International Apartment in ZISU. Finally, the evening reached its climax at the last two performances: a square dance—Dance Zone, by the accommodation officers; and sitcom—Love-- in Our Heart, by all the student counselors.


The Fourth College Students’ Dormitory Cultural Festival, which lasted for almost two months, consisted of a series of activities: Dormitory Micro-film Contest, Writing Contest, Painting Competition, Common Knowledge Quiz, “Ginis” in Our Dorms, Decorating Dormitory Competition and so on. We are trying to guide students to develop themselves with these requirements: diligence, virtue, discernment and probity, and to implement the Socialist Core Values of Scientific Socialism.