Zhejiang International Studies University

Braving the wind and waves towards the desired destination

 Written on the eve of graduation

“At that time, the sky was always blue and the days always lingered, so you always said that graduation was elusive. But how time flies, and now we are to part for our desired destination…”The innocent smiling expressions of everyone on the day when we met for the first time are still vivid in my mind. Now, we will part in no time. Graduation put an end to the life in the ivory, to the daily life of getting alone with one another, andto the blossoming years of youth.


On the playground, we ended up dressing ourselves in the long-awaited bachelor's gowns and putting on the hats symbolizing the identity of bachelors, thus bearing forever in mind the time spendon campus. We gathered together into the form of the initials of our alma materand made a “v”posture in front of the camera.

 We cast our joy into the sky overhead, we burst into cheers and we run on and on, because we were to graduate. Shoulderto shoulder and hand over hand, we clapped one another’s hands to give our best regards and wishes to each other on the eve of departure from ZISU. And our prettiest smile witnessed the pride and charm of youth before the final parting.

Some contestis to be held in the auditorium this evening, but we are already not the lead. The flavor of the light free soup will last who knows how long in our memory. We have experienced the romance, to varying degrees, in the school library, and kept in mind the figure of some seemingly acquaintance supporting his head with his hand. The original books in foreign languages are placed in the due positions, a little bit old. Lights have been turned off in several rooms in the dormitory, but “those years” is still on the air repeatedly.

Graduation is the end, and it is also the beginning. “Let’s say goodbye and depart for our respective destination.” We bid farewell to the days when we were always struggling to occupy a desk and a seat and usher the final arrival of all that we linger on for numerous times.

Some blame themselvesfor giving up halfway to much over the four years of youth, not having developed  excellence into a habit, and doing things witha short-lived fervor. Some regret not taking great delight in campus life dueto dogged hard working for the entrance examination for postgraduate. Some feel sorry for not having read voluminous books and not having traveled extensively.Still some repent of not having realized some dreams and not having boldly experienced a distinct life. However, the beauty of life lies in this too,doesn’t it?  Loss, missing and regret teach us how to cherish what we have and how to strive for what we want. because of missing, just trying to get.

Someday we will understand that we will grow up out of the wanton youth and shoulder our due responsibilities. As long as the sunflowers do not give up sunshine, I will not give up my dream.

Now that wehave opted for a distant destination, we should brave the wind and waves.