Zhejiang International Studies University

Thanksgiving, Youth and Dream

2014 Graduation Ceremony Held

Today dreams of everlasting youth are sailing; new chapters will be written in years of tempering. The 2014 graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium on Xiaoheshan Campus, ZISU, on June19th to 20th. The graduation ceremony was divided into two sessions, one for the undergraduates and the other for the vocational graduates. Those present included Yao Chengrong,secretary of the Party Committee of ZISU, Hong Gang,   president of ZISU, Zhao Fa and Luo Bowei,deputy secretaries of the Party Committee of ZISU, Zheng Yali, Zhao Qingrong, and Cao Renqing, vice presidents of ZISU, Shen Gang, member of the Party Committee of ZISU and director of the president’s office, Zhang Huanzhou, member of the Party Committeeof ZISU and director of Media Centre. And this inspiring occasion was also witnessed by the those in charge of the schools and other departments, professors,teachers in charge of classes and the first batch of 1202 graduates. Zhao Fa,deputy secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the ceremony.

This year, a total of 1202 graduates graduated from ZISU, including 848 undergraduates and 354 vocational graduates. Among them, 1187 received a diploma, 834 got a bachelor's degree, 45 won the title of Provincial Outstanding Graduate, 206 was awarded the title of  Outstanding Graduate of ZISU, and 421 got a teacher’s certificate.

Hong Gong extended heart-felt congratulations to the graduates, who have just successfully completed their studies and were to bid farewell to their Alma Mater and to enter the society. He said affectionately, “you are the first graduates of ZISU and you have witnessed the reform and development of this school,so your entrance and graduation will occupy a unique position in the history of ZISU.”

Hong Gang expressed his hope that the graduates were supposed to harbor lofty aspirations, which would provide them with extensive room of development andmotivate them to compose more brilliant chapters in the history of the construction of the motherland and the society, that they should keep transcending themselves in that every step foreward in life was a transcendence of the previous achievements and one transcendence after another paved the way for the prospective victory, and that they were expected to keep learning through making constant accumulation and enrichment.

On the eve of graduation, the 2014 graduates launched the selection campaign of “my favorite teacher”. After a vote, 26 were selected as “my favorite teacher”, including Hong Gang, Yang Ping, Gao Wei, Ma  Li, Tian Yiyong, Gu Dapeng, Gao Lieguo, Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Jinxiang,Fang Meiyu, Luo Xiaogang, Li Yahui, Ruan Jianmiao, Ma Xinsheng, Li Bo, Yang Zheng, Xu Xin, Xu Lei, Yuan Xiaoting, Zhi Jingliang, Zhang Yiping, Dong Huaying, Gao Yuan, Zhang Ying, Zhao Hongwei, Yan Weijian. During the graduation ceremony, the graduates offered their favorite teachers special honorary credentials in the form of humorous messages, ebullient signature, and creative paintings, which moved all the students and teachers present.

Tian Yiyong, an award-winning teacher from School of Chinese language and culture, said that he felt much honored to receive such a special award. And he added humorously that the society would treat the graduates the way one party was looked at up and down and repeatedly criticized by the other in a blinddate, so everyone should face up with failure, make great efforts and meet all the difficulties in life.

Shen Aoqiong, a major in Chinese language and literature and a graduate representative from School of Chinese language and culture, made a speech on behalf of the graduates. She said, “ZISU  has cultivated us andmade us seasoned. As the first batch of graduates, we feel extremely happy and we believe that ZISU, just like us, will get better and better.”

Xu Tao, enrolled in 1998 as a major in Chinese language and literature, a provincial teaching elite, the first prize winner in the national teaching contest of Chinese, and a teacher of Hangzhou Senior High school, and Chen Hongzu, enrolled in 2006 as a major in marketing and now assistant managing director of Hangzhou Yuhang Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd.expressed their gratitude to their Alma Mater for cultivating them on behalf ofthe graduates and at the same time placed great expectations on the graduate─to harbor dream and to realize their own value, to keep in heart the school motto of virtue, perseverance, elegance and erudition, and to serve the society and realize their dreams by observing the principle of honesty and integrity, unremittingly improving themselves, giving priority to the interest of the nation, and having the whole world in view. In conclusion, the 2014 graduation ceremony drew to a close in the sonorous and forceful vow of all the graduates.

After the graduation ceremony for the undergraduates, Yao Chengrong, secretary of the Party committee of ZISU, and Hong gang, president of ZISU,awarded the 843 graduates with a bachelor’s degree in a grand ceremony and took pictures with them.