Zhejiang International Studies University

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ZISU Welcome Party 2014 Held


Hosted jointly by university League Committee and Student Union, ZISU “Dream Start” Welcome Party for the 2014 freshmen was held in the Dream Auditorium of Xiaoheshan Campus recently. Zhao Fa, deputy Party Secretary, Zhang Jiansheng, Party Committee member and head of Organization Department, Zhang Huanzhou, Party Committee member and head of Media Center, watched the performance with professor representatives and nearly a thousand of freshmen.

This party embodies four elaborate chapters of “virtue”, “perseverance”, “erudition” and “practicality”, which is in accordance with university motto of “virtue, perseverance, erudition and practicality”, and begins with an inspiring street dance “JUST” along with women percussion music “I will be your shelter”. Under the blessings of professor representatives and foreign students, the party was officially opened.

In “virtue” chapter, our university debate team, who is the winner of Zhejiang college students debating competition and will participate in the national competition, gives us an intellectual analysis about “What the great learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue”. Fashion show “My College Dream”, which is designed by sophomores and upperclassmen and performed by freshmen, illustrates ZISU students’ longing for college life.

In “perseverance” chapter, Wushu team of our university, who just came back with victory from the 9th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition, brought a brilliant Wushu performance “flavor of Wushu” and pushed the party to a climax.

In “erudition” chapter, the university English stage drama club, an excellent college club in Zhejiang Province, performed an idiomatic English stage drama “Holmes and Watson”. Instrumental ensemble “Joyfulness Infiltrates” reveals the charm of excellent Chinese traditional culture. The Folk dance “the street which wind resides” has a strong Chinese ethnic flavor and exhibits the bloom of ZISU students’ dream and the exotic beauty of international students.

In “practicality” chapter, students from School of European and Asian Languages and Culture performed a multi-language songs combination; Military training instructor sang “Hooligan little butterfly” affectionately.

As special “freshmen”, foreign teachers and students who joined in ZISU recently interacts with freshmen warmly and performed a marvelous dance combination and expressed their blessings to ZISU and its freshmen in this special way, which pushed this party to climax again.

The welcoming party came to an end with the chorus that just won the first prize in the chorus contest in art festival of Zhejiang College students along with “O Sole Mio” sang by He Feizhou, teacher in School of Arts.

The audiences also included the deans of each school and the directors of the related functional departments, student counselors, class teachers for 2014 freshmen.