Zhejiang International Studies University

Opening of the First Sino-French Cultural Exchange Week of ZISU

The 1st Sino-French Cultural Exchange Week of ZISU was opened on Xiaoheshan Campus on the afternoon of Oct 23. Those present included Hong Gang, president of ZISU,Yin Wenying, Chinese teaching educational inspector of Paris school district in France, Wang Peiwen, vice president of Chinese Teaching Association of France, Jonathan Unlu, French director of Alliance Française in Hangzhou and He Xinghua from foreign affairs office, Department of Education of Zhejiang Province.

The opening ceremony was officially opened at 15 o’clock sharp in the afternoon, accompanied by aclassical dance performance with Chiang-Nan charm. Hong Gang expressed a warm welcome to French guests coming from afar on behalf of ZISU. He said that Sino-French cultural exchange week is a bridge, enabling the two sides to engage in a heart to heart dialogue, and he hopes Sino-French friendship could last forever. Subsequently, Yin Wenying delivered a speech to give heartfelt thanks to ZISU teachers and students for their preparation to the Sino-French cultural exchange week and wished it could be a complete success. Jonathan said that French is a wonderful language, and he wished ZISU students can be high-achieving in French study.

In the opening ceremony, both Chinese and French students have brought wonderful programs. ZISU students performed musical ensemble “Clouds Chasing the Moon” and poetry recitation “Thought of Justice” as well as creative magic and French songs medley. French students sang “The Moon Represents My Heart”, and performed poem recitation of“Nostalgia”. Finally, the dance “Little Apple” performed by Chinese and French students lead the opening ceremony to the climax.


Before the opening ceremony, Hong Gang had a cordial discussion with guests. He welcomed the arrival of the French delegation of Chinese Bridge and appreciated the participation of Alliance Française in the opening ceremony. He briefly introduced the education and international exchange of ZISU, and expressed the desire to launch various educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation with the French side. Yin Wenying sincerely appreciated the efforts and preparation ZISU have made for the reception of French delegation, she provided possible directions for future cooperation from the perspective of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and communication, and encouraged ZISU to actively apply for all kinds of teachers and students exchange projects that under the framework of education cooperation signed between Zhejiang province and Poitiers region of France. Jonathan said that Alliance Française has accumulated a lot of successful experience in the promotion and dissemination of French language and French culture; they are very willing to share all kinds of activity resources with ZISU.


All faculty of French department from school of European and Asian Languages and Culture also participated in the discussion, and expressed their wishes to strengthen cooperation and communication with the French side. After the discussion, the related director of school of European and Asian Languages and Culture briefly introduced distinctive activities in this Sino-French Cultural Exchange Week.


After the opening ceremony, under the leadership of Chinese students, guests enjoyed French film and songs; they tasted Chinese and French cuisine and appreciated Chinese tea ceremony and participated in soccer-French sports culture as well as traditional Chinese cultural activities-lantern riddles. The friendship between Chinese and French students grew via communication.


The activities of Sino-French Cultural Exchange Week were hosted by school of European and Asian Languages and Culture and School of International Education. All kinds of exciting activities to experience traditional Chinese art such as calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese knots and tai chi, etc will be held in the following one-week period.