Zhejiang International Studies University

SELC Better Learning Atmosphere Campaign


Throughout the whole past month, students from the School of English Language and Culture (SELC) actively devoted themselves to the school’s “Better Learning Atmosphere Campaign”. The joyful ambiance, the youthful air and the great delight of learning has already permeated the entire campus.


Morning Reading: Sun in the early winter, Hello ZISU

As the old saying goes, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. When others are drowned in sleep, numerous students in English Major have already taken up their books and read aloud. Whether it is in the classroom, the Dream-Chasing Hall, the Book Hall, or the side of lawns, these students in the sunlight become the most charming view in ZISU.


Evening Self-study: Night falls in silence while ZISU is in peace

Freshmen who entered the campus not long ago are always full of curiosity and ambitions. The picture shows how hard they are still working in the evening for their bright future.


Library Reading: Dare to dream and keep ZISU going

Full of soft sound of turning pages and gentle sound of footsteps, the library is frequently visited by our English major students.


Knowledge Broadening: Embrace knowledge in wonderful ZISU

Learning should not be limited in the classroom. Students of SELC are very good at discovering new knowledge. Their marvelous answers in the knowledge contest still remain in our memory.


Etiquette: Respect from the deep bottom of the heart

“Good morning!” Every sincere greeting in the morning is our gratitude to the hard working teachers while no-breakfast and no-phone classshows our respect towards teachers and responsibility to ourselves. We are refining our heart and trying to do our best and to be the best.


Sports: Run, ZISUers

“Get off the internet, walk out of the dormitory and move towards the playground.” Though it is rather cold outside, the students of SELC keep taking exercises. Their running pace and shining sweat show the rhythm of youth. The vigorous stride is the best evidence to prove that they are not restrained inclasses or absorbed in computer games, they are not couch potatoes!


At the present, there are abundant activities of SELC’s construction of study atmosphere month .To record the details of our life and the pleasure of studying, a photo contest “I Represent for Myself” is now in full swing. In the following days, Lecture on Etiquette, “Trinal Walks” and many other activities will be launched.