Zhejiang International Studies University

Give Gratitude to Teachers by Drawing and Writing

Let This Winter Day Warm and Touching


“I am really appreciated to be your student……You not only teach us knowledge, but also teach us how to behave. I will memorize your instruction forever.”


“You are a god in my heart. I am really happy at your class, and allI remember is your smile and tireless explanations…….”


“I especially favored your course psychology……Your knee is not very well, be sure to keep warm in winter!”


Full of gratitude and love, what a warm friendship between teachers and students! Recently, Media Center, Teacher Development Center and the Youth League Committee jointly hosted “Give Gratitude to Teachers by Drawing and Writing” activity. This activity isdivided into two parts: “Design Competition of Thank-you Card for Teachers” and “Love You More than I Can Say”.


In the Design Competition, students sketched the image of teachers in their heart with a feeling of gratitude, and expressed sincere emotion through their ingenious design. Finally, three works, which is favored by students and teachers together, was selected from 30 entries.


The following “Love You More than I Can Say” activity excited the whole campus once more. Students picked up the card to write their gratitude and blessing, and then blew dry the writing and put it in the box of gratitude. A creative card stands for a sincere greeting; a warm heart stands for a warm friendship. More than 800 thank-you cards have been collected and sent to related teachers by staff.


“Students’ words are so warm and full of love, and it gives me strength to mark the papers!”

“I have never thought that I enjoy such a high status in students’ heart, and I am really, really appreciated. I will strive harder in teaching.”

“I used to think that students nowadays are more and more silent, but these cards amaze me, and I really appreciate students’ affirmation and encouragement, I love them, too!”

Teachers are pleasantly surprised by these cards, seems like receiving a treasure.


“Give Gratitude to Teachers by Drawing and Writing” activity carried forward the university motto of “Virtue, Perseverance, Erudition, Practicality”, and built a warm and harmonious cultural atmosphere in campus. It helped to foster students’ awareness of respecting teachers and gratitude, and made teachers feel touched.